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Rose Tan Knight, Lac, MS

Rose is a licensed board acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist practicing over 15 years supporting women during all stages of life from infants to beyond menopause. She is passionate in guiding women and men on their fertility journey in creating healthy babies, families and communities.  Her personal fertility  journey of conceiving natural at the advance material age of 40 solely using the ancient wisdom of TCM has inspired her to specializes in fertility, preconception care, pregnancy postpartum care and  women's health.  Rose has vast knowledge in treating and managing pain. 

The Lotus Acupuncture approach encourages an open partnership of trust, expertise and 
compassion.  Rose will listen with sincerity to understand your health needs and spend ample time to thoroughly discuss your condition and develop a customized treatment plan.  She's passionate about guiding, educating and empowering patients in all aspects of their healing process to achieve optimal health & happiness and a balanced life.

Rose completed her Master in Chinese Medicine at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. Rose has worked with renowned fertility specialist at Dr. Lifeng Liang Fertility Clinic in San Francisco and studied obstetrics with midwife & acupuncturist Raven Lang. She provides complimentary care with local Reproductive Clinics - Dr. Aimee, RSC, Spring and Kaiser to support patients integrating Eastern &  Western Medicine to enhance their chance of healthy conception, baby, pregnancy and mother.  Rose has experience practicing  at a variety of clinical settings including the Women's   Community Clinic in SF,  ACTCM Community Clinic, Community Auricular Center, California Pacific Medical Center and Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic.  She has a mastery in the variety of acupuncture style besides the classic blending different ancient lineages  such as Kiiko Masumoto, Master Tungs and Dr. Tan.

Rose's enjoys balancing her life with qi gong, yoga, hiking , cooking , gardening, photography,   amazing food, exploring the world and spending quality family time in nature.  

Learn more with a complimentary phone consultation to discuss how TCM can treat your health concerns.

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