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Women's Health

For thousands of years Chinese Medicine has been used to improve overall women's health such as regulating menstruation, balancing hormones, reproductive health and emotional/spiritual well-being. Chinese Medicine's main philosophy is achieving balance and homeostasis in the body and mind.  The menstruation cycle is an indicator of your overall women's health.  An healthy menstruation should be regular each month with a steady medium flow and taper, no clots or cramping. Many women become accustomed to mood swings, irregular cycles, PMS symptoms, which indicates imbalance in the hormones, reproductive system and other vital organs. Conception should come naturally and menopause is seen as a time of transition but ideally should have no symptoms  or limited  symptoms.  At Lotus, if you are experiencing any abnormal symptoms, we will provide a customized treatment plan to restore harmony and balance to your body's hormones, reproductive system and mind.  

TCM has have effectively assisted patients with following women's health issues:
~Irregular menstruation 
~Peri Meopause
~Other Hormone
~Endocrine imbalances
~Emotional health
~Mood Imbalance 
~Sleep Disorders
~Adrenal Fatigue
~Pediatrics Health

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