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Mother with her Child


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can effectively prevent miscarriages whether you have a a history of reoccurring miscarriages or newly pregnant.  Miscarriages are very commonly occurrence especially first born with 10%-25% miscarriage rates.
TCM protocols and Acupuncture can be beneficial in preventing miscarriages in the following ways:

~ Improve uterine blood flow
~ Regulate hormones 
~ Increase endometrial lining and thickness
~ Reduce uterine contractions
~ Calm stress and mind
~ Treat PCOS
~ Regulate immune system

In TCM philosophy,  chromosomal abnormalities is associated to egg quality and diminished ovarian reserve.  At Lotus, we believe starting 3 months with a preventive miscarriage protocol with the goal to improve egg quality, promote blood flow to uterus/ovaries, balance hormones to ensure a full term pregnancy.  We will provide a personalized miscarriage protocol including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, supplements, dietary suggestions,  moxibustion and herbal and TCM techniques to ensure blood, nutrition and oxygen is flowing optimally to the developing fetus. 

We recommend that our pregnant patients with miscarriage history schedule acupuncture treatment once to twice week for  first 16 weeks to ensure a full term pregnancy. 

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