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Image by Jude Beck


At Lotus Acupuncture, our goal is to create the healthiest baby naturally by improving egg quality, regulating  menstrual cycle, balancing  hormones, increase blood flow to uterus & ovaries,

warming uterus,  enhancing uterine lining, reducing stress and calming the  mind.   We will assist

you by creating a personalized preconception treatment plan which includes acupuncture,

Chinese herbs, fertility diet, supplements, moxibustion and lifestyle suggestions based on your specific constitutional root imbalance.  Our treatment plan will adjust each visit along your fertility journey until you conceive naturally.  

We recommend beginning treatment three months before you decide to start your family to enhance a healthy naturally conception and reduce the risk of miscarriage.    It takes about 90 days for an dormant egg to grow from a follicle to a mature egg.  The eggs needs to mature optimally to ensure a women will reproduce quality follicles increase the chance for a successful conception and a full term pregnancy.  Also, we will prepare the uterus, uterine lining, body and mind to create an ideally environment for baby to thrive.  


Learn more how  TCM can assist you with your preconception plan and your fertility concerns.  

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