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Image by Zach Lucero

Pregnancy Care 

At Lotus, we are here to support you physically and emotionally during this next step towards motherhood. Regulate acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs if necessary will ensure blood flow, oxygen and nutrients are reaching baby so it will thrive and increase chances for a full term pregnancy. Our goal to supportive care during pregnancy to create a healthy & happy baby and mother.We offer safe and effective acupuncture to support mother and baby to prevent common side effects of pregnancy such as: 
~reoccurring miscarriages
~morning sickness~fatigue 
~mood shifts
~back pain
~sleep issues
~digestive disorders
~gestational diabetes
~hyperemesis gravidarum 
Research has shown that patients who have regular visits during pregnancy will experience less side effects, easier labor/delivery and a lower risk of miscarriages.  

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