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Lotus Acupuncture is an Eastern Medicine and holistic health center that is dedicated to supporting patients in their different stages of life from childhood, adolescence, reproductive years, menopause and beyond. Our specialty is women's health, hormonal imbalance, fertility, pregnancy support, postpartum care,
pain, menopause and graceful aging.  

Our mission is to provide expertise and support for our patients on their journey towards optimal health in
a tranquil setting where you will be supported and cared for.  We value a partnership rooted in trust, respect and compassion. At Lotus Acupuncture, we believe in empowering women with the knowledge, wisdom, guidance and confidence to achieve lifetime of vitality, health and happiness.

We honor the uniqueness of every individual by diagnosing the imbalance to awaken one's natural healing system to shift one's body, mind and spirt back to balance. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach is treating the body's root imbalance and the whole person not only a diagnosis & symptoms by customizing a treatment plan of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, supplements, energetic exercise, meditation, moxibustion, cupping, essential oils and other ancient TCM techniques.  


Lotus Approach
Women Health

Women's Health

The earliest Chinese medical records on gynecology date back to 1500 BC in 
treating women's health issues such as regulating menstruation, balancing hormones, gynecological conditions, reproductive care, pain and emotional well-being.  

   With acupuncture and formulating personalized herbal remedies, we  can help support and guide a women with a wide variety of health issues with the goal of achieve vibrant health and a quality of life.  Menstruation, conception and menopause is a time of transition but ideally should have limited symptoms if the body is in homeostasis.  

At Lotus, if you are experiencing any abnormal mentrusation symptoms and hormonal imbalances, 
we will provide a comprehensive TCM treatment plan to shift the body, mind, hormones, reproductive system and vital organs back to balance.

TCM has have effectively assisted patients with following women's health issues:


PMS Cramps
Mood Swing


Hot Flashes
Night Sweats
Low Libido
Mood Swing
Mental Clarity 





Hormonal Imbalance

Weight Gain
Hair Loss
Skin Issue
Mental Fog


Mood Swings
Eating Disorder 
Sleeping Disorders

AutoImmune Disease

Hashimotos Thyroiditis
Multiple Sclerosis
Rheumatioid Arthritis
Crohn's disease
Celiac Disease


Fertility Care

The ancient use of acupuncture and herbs has been proven effective to treat fertility and reproductive disorders for over 3000 years.  At Lotus Acupuncture, we specialize in fertility and will support you with your physical, mental, and emotional struggles during your journey towards motherhood.  We honor each individual and/or couple on their fertility journey with Eastern holistic expertise to increase the chances of successful conception and compassionate address specific fertility goals.   A TCM holistic and non invasion care will help you

conceive naturally or provide integrative care working with your Western fertility doctor to optimize a

healthy conception, baby and mother.


A variety of studies has suggested that TCM has been clinically proven to:

~ Improve the success rates of IVF, IUI and other ART

 ~Improve egg quality &  egg quantity

~ Improve follicular development

~ Increase ovarian reserve 

~ Enhance blood flow to uterus & ovaries

~ Regulates menstruation cycle & ovulation 

~ Stabilizes hormone and endocrine system

~ Calms anxiety & stress hormones 

~ Improves quality of endometrial lining

~ Increase chances of embryo implantation

~ Diminishing uterine contraction

~ Decrease medication side effects 

~ Increase pregnancy rates

~ Prevent miscarriage and early pregnancy loss

~Improve sperm count, morphology & motility ​


Fertility Support At Any Stage


We believe that healthy bodies are key to healthy babies. We’re here to help with advice on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise & healthy habits as well as offer an overall reproductive care to get you in optimum health for pregnancy.


Crafted to support conception, your treatment plan will help you balance your hormones, regulate your cycle, prepare uterus & correct any other imbalances to help prepare you for optimizing egg quality, conception and pregnancy. 


Our mission is to enhance success rates with a customized treatment plan with your clear goals in mind.   Improve ovarian function & follicle development, enhance uterine blood flow, stabilize hormones, lower stress and improve endometrial lining.

Below are fertility and reproduction issues that we can help you with:

Irregular Menses 

Irregular cycles
Irregular Ovulation


Light Periods


Ovarian Cysts

Short cycles

Short luteal phase 

Imbalance Hormones

            Heavy & Painful Periods 
            Excessive blood flow
            Prolong Menses
            Severe Pelvic Pain
             Mense/Uterine Cramps
            Uterine Fibroids
            Painful Intercourse
            Digestive Issues
            Chronic Fatigue
            Unexplained Weight Gain



Unexplained Fertility 

Uterine Fibroids
Thyroid Disorders
Immunological Factors
Hormone Imbalance
Natural Conception

Male Infertility

Increase sperm production
Increase sperm quality
Improve sperm motility
Improve sperm morphology
Reduce sperm DNA             fragmentation
Balance Hormones
Increase the rate of  pregnancy


Unexplained Fertility
Advance Maternal Age
Diminished Egg Quality 
Decrease Ovarian Reserve
Elevated FSH 
Depleted Estrogen
Thin Uterine Lining 
Block Fallopian
Hormonal Imbalances
Reoccurring Miscarriages
Immunological Factors
Genetic Abnormalities 
Frozen Embryo Transfer


Pregnacy Care

Prenatal Care

At Lotus, we are here to support you physically and emotionally during this next step towards motherhood. Regulate acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs if necessary will ensure blood flow, oxygen and nutrients are reaching baby so it will thrive and increase chances for a full term pregnancy. Our goal is to provide safe and effective care during the entire pregnancy to promote a healthy mother and  baby.

We offer safe and effective acupuncture to support mother and baby to prevent common side effects of pregnancy such as:
morning sickness
hormonal and mood shifts
back pain
sleep issues
digestive disorders
pre-eclampsia &  eclampsia
gestational diabetes
hyperemesis gravidarum 

Research has shown that patients who have regular visits during pregnancy will experience less side effects, easier labor/delivery and a lower risk of miscarriages.  


The ancient art of acupuncture has been used in Asia for centuries to treat variety of conditions relating to both acute and chronic pain.  Acupuncture might be the best known alternative and effective treatment to treat pain and provide pain management care.   The acupuncture will relieve pain by releasing endorphins, the body's natural pain-killing chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord and brain.  These biochemical changes stimulate the body's natural healing abilities toward treating both the  pain and mood.  At Lotus, a Chinese herbal formulas will be personalized formulated  to address the  pain and expedite the healing process.  The herbs are natural &  safe and has significantly less side effect than Western Pharmacology.

Many clinical studies have show effective results utilizing acupuncture, cupping and Chinese herbs for the following pain disorders:   

Chronic/Acute Pain
Muscular/Joint Pain
Nerve Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Back Pain & Disc Issues



Pre/Post Surgery

TMJ/ Jaw pain

Menstrual Cramps
Soft tissue injuries (sprains/ strains)
Any other pain in the body




I can't say enough good things about Rose Tan-Knight!  After two failed attempts at IVF with was hopes to get my body back to a healthier, balanced state after almost a year of injections and hormones. Rose immediately made me feel at ease and took a very detailed history during our first visit. She truly does have the best bedside manner of any acupuncturist I have ever met, and really cares about your history and well-being. With her guidance, we created a treatment plan which not only included acupuncture and a chinese herbs & supplements, but also fertility diet , meditation, yoga, detox and fertility tracking. Needless to say, only after three months after starting my treatment plan, I got pregnant spontaneously! Rose helped me to achieve what the best IVF doctors in the bay area could not-a healthy, viable pregnancy at age 40!

I continue to see Rose throughout my pregnancy as I value her care as an important part of my and my baby's well-being. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone undergoing or considering fertility treatment or fertility planning.  I truly believe that this wouldn't have happened without Rose's acupuncture treatments and her care. I owe my beautiful now two year old daughter to Rose. As a medical doctor myself, I can say that Rose is one of the best practitioners out there...look no further!

— Lien Tran, MD


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