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Nursing Newborn


At Lotus Acupuncture, we are here to support you physically and emotionally after your delivery in order to transition into motherhood with grace and balance.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine,  the first 40 days post delivery is the most critical time to nourish mother and ensure a healthy recovery.


Acupuncture during post natal period is beneficial for:

~Overall mother recovery 

~Insufficient Lactation 


~Abdominal Cramping & Pain

~Post-Partum Depression

~Emotional imbalance- anxiety & stress

~Restoring Uterine Tone & Function

~Excessive or prolonged bleeding

~C-section post-operative healing 

~Recovery from traumatic birth


~Fatigue / Low Energy

~Hormone Balancing 

~Poor Digestion-Constipation


~Stop Bleeding 

~Vaginal Discharge

~Muscular Aches / Pains


Mother Roasting

In TCM theory, the mother to be's body is working harder to produce extra blood and qi to nourish the baby and mother.  Thus a woman isn’t only recovering from childbirth but the deplete of nourishing baby during nine months of pregnancy.  In Eastern traditions, mothers are honored 30- 100 days for a  restorative period to rest and replenish their energy, qi and blood lossed during pregnancy and childbirth.   

Mother Roasting  is a warming moxibustion treatment that is given to women ideally 4-14 days following birth. The treatment involves the gentle warming of the acupuncture points and region that run through the lower abdomen and lower back. The points and uterus region are warmed using moxa.  Moxa is a Chinese herb called mugwort.  The therapeutic function of  moxibustion is to increase the both blood and qi circulation into the uterus and pelvic region for faster healing and recovery. 

At Lotus Acupuncture, we provide home post natal visit to nurture mother during a joyful yet a difficult period.  

Learn more with a complimentary phone consultation to discuss how TCM can help with your recovery. 

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